Loving Pet Minding Services in North Shore Sydney

In-home visits while you're away

We can visit your home once or twice a day and at each visit we will...

Feed your pets
Refresh their water
Walk the dog or play with the cat
Conduct a backyard poo patrol/scoop or change kitty litter
Administer medication if require
Check for ticks
Bring in your mail
Put out/bring in your bins on appropriate days
Water plants
Check that your home is secure

Rate per visit starts at $22 including GST for 1 pet.

Private Dog Walking

Beautiful Creatures can provide regular or casual dog walking, or maybe your pooch prefers a trip to the dog park to meet up with friends.

We only walk one dog (or one family of dogs) at any one time. This way your best friend has our complete attention for the duration of the walk.

Our professional dog walking service is available across the Upper and lower North Shore including Berowra, Hornsby, Milson's North Sydney.

Rate per 30 minute walk starts at $22 including GST for 1 dog.

Pet Taxi

Beautiful Creatures is often asked to check up on pets while their owner is at work. This can be for...

Boarding Kennel, Vet, Grooming Salon, Play Date or a visit to Nanna. Does your pet have an important appointment?
We can get them there happily, safely, and on time in our specially fitted out vehicle. You will recognise it as soon as we arrive.
Beautiful Creatures always drives carefully with your precious cargo!

Rates on application (depending on kilometres)

In-home visits while you're at work

Beautiful Creatures is often asked to check up on pets while their owner is at work. This can be for...

New puppies or kittens
High maintenance pets
Expecting mums
Old pets
Pets with medical conditions
Recuperating pets

We will call you, send an SMS or an email to you with a report about how things are at home.

Rate per visit is $22 including GST for 1 pet.

Why you will love Beautiful Creatures Pet Minding

Our whole world is about your beloved fur babies and pets. We love them all, big and small, furry, hairy, scaly, all.


When you aren't home, puppies can pine, and even get destructive. We give them the love and attention they need.


Cats can be picky, but thats why we love them. We make sure all their eccentricities are seen to.


We can look after your snake, making sure they are nice and comfortable, contained, fed, and entertained.


Mice, rats, hamsters, ferrets, guinea pigs and other rodent friends are all given the love they deserve.


These lovely creatures need extra special care, and love having us around. We love a good horse whisper.


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From Budgies to Parrots, Galla's and Cockatoos to Peach Faces and Macaws, we love all winged creates and know what they like.


We can even look after your goat, sheep or pig if you are so inclined. No eating laundry on our watch.

Let us look after your beautiful creature.

Browse through our website and get to know us a little.
If you have any questions at all, give Colleen Starkey a call on 0423 135 070.